eWorld Translations, Chicago

eWorld Translations, founded in 1997, is a Chicago-based full service translation company, with a field office in Clearwater, Florida, providing foreign language translation services including certified translations, document translation, website translation, voice-over and narration as well as desktop publishing in Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and all European and Asian languages.

Translation Team

Our handpicked team of professional, accredited and/or certified translators and proofreaders are all native speakers and have advanced degrees in their fields of expertise. These professional linguists are lawyers, scientists, professors, doctors, engineers who are able to apply their knowledge of these industries in their translation career. Their superior writing skills and knowledge of the source and target languages, as well as their professional experience make them uniquely qualified to understand and convey ideas from one language to another. Moreover, they are sensitive to cultural pitfalls, which is key to a successful translation.

Creative Team

Our creative team has advanced experience in typesetting, graphic design, illustration, web site design, creative and technical writing. They are graphic designers, computer programmers, journalists, editors and professional copy writers.

Quality is our primary concern

Our quality management lies within our 6 Step Translation Process and our quality management methods.

Our Process

1. Client contact
2. Project preparation
3. Translation
4. Review
5. Quality assurance
6. Delivery

Personalized service

  • We realize that each client has different needs, and every product is unique. Therefore good communication between the client and our linguists is essential and is the key to fulfilling your needs. Each account is handled by a single point person, a project manager (PM), who is entirely acquainted with the client’s product and requirements.
  • Our project managers assist in the coordination of services, and communicate your specific needs to our specialist or team of specialists chosen to work on your project. They are responsible for coordination of any research involving reference material and specific information such as dimensions, conversions, layout, formatting and software.
  • Our PM will remain in contact with you throughout the whole process up to delivery of the final product and any subsequent feedback.

Voice Overs

Microphone We partner with studios and have an extensive database of talented voices – male and female – in various languages with different accents available for voice-overs tailored to your target audience.


To discuss your translation needs, give us a call at +1-312-217-2568, or use the free quote form in the sidebar to the left, or email us at info@eworldtranslations.com, or provide more detailed information on our contact form. You can also fax your documents to us at +1-312-803-2208.

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