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faq01Q. Why use a translation service?

A. A bad translation can make your company or campaign seem unprofessional and/or uninterested in the audience you are targeting. eWorld Translations helps to ensure that your message is communicated properly to your international clientele

Q. Do you use Computer Assisted Translation (CAT)?

A. We use Translation Memory (TM) tools, among others TRADOS. We do not use machine translation.

Q. What experience, education and training do you require for translators?

A. We have worked with the same translators for the past 8 years. We stand by their work and have filtered out any individual who may not meet our standards. Each translator has approximately 10-15 years of experience and has submitted verified, qualified references. They have advanced degrees in a specific field of expertise and are also members of various translation organizations. Our translators have been certified and/or accredited by the American Translators Association (ATA).

Q. When multiple translators are used for translation on a large project, how do you guarantee consistency between translations and the delivery of a cohesive project?

A. In addition to using copies of the reference material supplied by the client:

  • Our translators share our Trados translation software.
  • Our translators share our company databases and glossaries.
  • A project manager oversees the entire process and makes sure all guidelines regarding terminology, format, measurement and software are scrupulously followed.
  • All documents are proofread and fact-checked before they are returned to the client for feedback.

Q. What are common mistakes that untested translators commonly make?

A. There are several mistakes that inexperienced and/or untested translators often make, including:

  • Use of False Cognates – Words that have a similar spelling, but don’t always have the same meaning in the target language. These are called “faux-amis” (false friends) in French. They are common mistakes which make your translation sound awkward and can have funny, if not disastrous consequences.
  • Spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors
  • Improper use of accents: use of wrong accents or lack of accents or even use of accents when they are not needed
  • Unnecessary use of English words
  • Omissions in translation
  • Lack of conversions to metric system, or used of improper metric conversions
  • Syntax errors
  • Use of improper acronyms/abbreviations
  • Errors in capitalization


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