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It’s been a great month, and we are celebrating it by setting up our own twitter_logo_header account.

This way you will have one more up-to-date option to follow what’s going on at our company and within the industry.

To receive our tweets, all you have to do is to become a follower of https://twitter.com/eWorldTrans.

We’ll also gladly help you to setup your personal or company Twitter account and to automate your tweeting of updated pages and posts, as well as the blogging of your tweets, if so desired.

The New York Times calls Twitter “one of the fastest-growing phenomena on the Internet.” TIME Magazine says, “Twitter is on its way to becoming the next killer app,” and Newsweek noted that “Suddenly, it seems as though all the world’s a-twitter.”

For assistance with any of your twittering, translation, web development, web design, transcription and PC support needs, contact us at your earliest convenience. Give us a call at +1-312-217-2568 or use the free quote form in the sidebar to the left, or email us at info@eworldtranslations.com or provide more detailed information on our contact form. You can also fax your documents to us at +1-312-803-2208.


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