eWorld Translations, Chicago

Translation Services for a Wide Variety of Industries:

  • Advertising & Marketing – Localized campaigns, promotional material, slogans, packaging, customer surveys, brochures, flyers, catalogs, commercials, point of purchase displays (POP), point of sale displays (POS), trade show exhibits, posters, retail stands, marketing plans, etc.
  • Automotive – Parts & tool catalogs, product info, product specifications, instructions, driver’s manuals, service manuals, service bulletin, technical bulletins, dealer portals, event materials, product packaging, intranet content, vehicle warranties, diagnostic and repair manuals, etc.
  • Beauty Industry, Cosmetics & Fragrances – Ingredient listings, fashion magazine articles, beauty pageant newsletters, makeup artist portfolios & websites, skin/body/hair care product instructions; labeling for salon-only, private-label and controlled label brands & products, etc.
  • Business – Annual reports, financial statements, business plans, regulatory filings, international communications, policies and guidelines, job openings, presentations, loan documents, insurance policies and statements, private and public offerings, balance sheets, audit reports, etc.
  • Construction – Civil engineering documents, AutoCAD drawings, estimates, zoning laws, local codes & regulations, requests for proposal (RFP), architectural drawings, OSHA standards, planning studies, bids & specifications, environmental assessments, technical & feasibility reports, etc.
  • Defense and Military – Contracts, bulletins, sensitive correspondence, transcription and translation of videos or recordings, quick survival guides and handbooks with useful sentences, technical/training/service manuals, policies for private military firms and security companies, etc.
  • Ecology & Environmental Research – Risk assessments & impact studies, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), feasibility studies, recycling programs, OSHA regulations, EPA bulletins, inspection guidelines, safety regulations & training, waste disposal regulations, workplace safety, etc.
  • Electronics – Product specifications, instruction and operation manuals, e.g. for computers, digital cameras, MP3 players, TVs, stereos, netbooks, laptops, desktop PCs, network equipment, cell phones, smart phones, printers, scanners, wrist watches, pedometers, heart rate monitors, etc.
  • Film & Television – Storyboards, scripts for voice-overs, movie & television series trailers, teasers, product placement agreements, movie & TV reviews,sponsoring contracts, cooperation agreements, distribution agreements, production forms, Arbitron & Nielsen TV & media ratings, etc.
  • Food Service Industry – Restaurant & airline menus, product catalogs, packaging, company policies, owners manuals, restaurant equipment instructions, safety instructions and labels, lists of ingredients, preparation instructions, food service policies & guidelines, etc.
  • Human Resources – Training documents and manuals, company policies and procedures and guidelines, forms, all documents covering employee compensation, organizational and professional and personal development, employee surveys, performance reviews, etc.
  • Legal – Certified translations for immigration services, affidavits, arbitration documents, court transcripts, depositions, custody documents, disclaimers, divorce, patents, probate documents, contracts, living trust documents, mortgage documents, judgments, last wills, testaments, etc.
  • Media – Media packages, newspaper articles, magazine & TV reports, press releases, public relations materials, press books, CD-ROMs, multimedia and PowerPoint presentations, journalist credentials and portfolios, target audience profiles; news stories, etc.
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical – Clinical trials, medical staff and patient instructions, health care, research & development (R&D), medical records, consent forms, hospital policies & surveys, insurance claims, medical charts and reports, medical questionnaires, toxicology reports, etc.
  • New Energy Technologies – Instructions for photovoltaic arrays, solar panels and cells, wind energy, tidal energy, fuel cells, grid tie solar, off grid solar, commercial solar, solar water heaters and lighting, residential and commercial solar power systems, emergency backup systems, etc.
  • Oil & Gas – Technical, product and operating manuals, oil and gas transportation documents, foreign oil & gas legislation, upstream (exploration & production) and downstream (refining & commercialization) documents, geophysical surveys, pipeline & instrumentation, etc.
  • Retail & Wholesale – Franchising agreements, merchandising and marketing documents, commercialization and distribution agreements, catalogs, newsletters, reseller agreements, wholesale and retail displays and packaging, market analyses, drop shipment agreements, etc.
  • Shipping & Transportation – Shipping documentation, customs shipping forms, bills of lading, freight forwarding paperwork, cargo handling and shipping brokerage documents, airline and train and bus schedules, cab and taxi guidelines, taximeter displays and instructions, etc.
  • Travel & Tourism – Brochures, flyers, portfolios, travel websites, newsletters, guest reviews, travel magazine articles, tourism board info materials, regional advertisements, airline in-flight magazine articles, travel guide, infomercials touting the benefits of a specific area, etc.
If you don’t see your industry mentioned here, please contact us, we have experienced translators to match your field or industry.


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