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Professional Language Services

Our agency provides expert language services for individual customers and businesses. In addition to our translation services which include Document Translation, Certified Translation, Website Translation, and Interpreting we also offer Multilingual Desktop Publishing, Transcription, Voice-Over and Narration, Proofreading and Editing as well as Cross Cultural Solutions. We have recently added an additional service for professional translators wanting to perfect their skills by offering expert training for translators on Translation Memory tools/software such as Trados, SDLX, DejaVu, Wordfast, etc.

Our Multilingual Services

Certified Translation Services

We translate, certify and notarize all your legal documents such as birth certificates, school diplomas, marriage and divorce documents, university and college transcripts, immigration documents, etc. The process is simple and very quick. Simply send us your documents via regular mail, fax or email and we’ll confirm the estimate and delivery schedule. We can also offer expedited service for an additional fee.

Document Translation Services

We offer accurate and reliable translation services for all your documents in Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Chinese and in more than 120 languagesIndustries translated range from Legal and Banking to Medical and Automotive. We offer technical translation services for small businesses that need technical product manuals translated and we also work with Top Fortune 500 companies in need of business translation services for their financial reports and corporate documents. Moreover, we translate all personal documents such as school transcripts, birth certificates, marriage and divorce papers as well as immigration documents.

Website Translation Services

We specialize in multilingual translation for websites from Spanish and Russian to Arabic and Japanese. We also offer multilingual SEO services so your foreign language website will get a top ranking on Google and foreign search engines.Your translated website will be as powerful and appealing as your original site.

Localization Services

We offer localization and testing to our customers who wish to target a specific country. Our localization teams consist of highly qualified professionals familiar with all aspects of the overall process of internationalization, globalization and localization. For example, we offer country-specific websites of the same company, different editions of a product manual depending on the place it is published and software testing and adaptation to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of the target country.

Desktop Publishing

We offer multilingual typesetting and DTP services in all languages and all programs, PC or Mac. Our expert graphic designers have many years of experience dealing with formatting in foreign languages and can accommodate any language from Spanish to Chinese and Arabic. We have the capacity to generate any size project in any language.


We transcribe (input) handwritten documents, faxed or PDF files of foreign text into MS Word files. This type of service is often requested by survey research companies with handwritten responses to questionnaires or legal firms that need depositions translated. We offer legal transcription services as well as translation of the transcribed text if needed by client. We can also directly translate your handwritten, faxed, or PDF files of text and send you an MS Word file skipping the transcription step.


We offer interpreting services drawing from our pool of professional, reliable and tested translators and interpreters. Interpreters are carefully preselected to ascertain proficiency in the languages involved as well as the subject matter at hand. We provide simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, conference interpreting as well as legal and court interpreting.


To discuss your translation needs, give us a call at +1-312-217-2568 or use the free quote form in the sidebar to the left, or email us at info@eworldtranslations.com, or provide more detailed information on our contact form. You can also fax your documents to us at +1-312-803-2208.

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