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Professional Proof-Reading and Editing Services

If you already have documents translated and wish to make sure the job was done right, we can help! We’ll review your translated documents in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, etc. for typos, grammatical errors and content.


Our proof-readers and editors are carefully selected based on their language and subject matter skills. In their effort to ascertain that a given translation properly relates the intent as well as all important nuances of the original, they go to great lengths in their analysis and comparison and – with respect to certain terms or the intent of ambiguous passages – will ask for clarification and/or guidance from you, the client, or the author should this become necessary.


Proofreading traditionally means reading a proof copy of a text in order to detect and correct any errors. The term proofreading is sometimes used incorrectly to refer to copy-editing. This is a separate activity, although there is some overlap between the two. Proofreading consists of reviewing any text, either hard copy on paper or electronic copy on a computer, and checking for typos and formatting errors. This may be done either against an original document or “blind” (without checking against any other source).

excerpted from Wikipedia

Proofreading Translations

Proofreaders are needed to insure that the translation has been done correctly. A proofreader can improve the quality of a translation. The translated text should flow like the original. The reader should have the same experience reading a translated document as reading the original. In other words, the proofreader will read and compare the original document and the translation to check the translator’s work, making sure that the target language is accurate grammatically, but also socially and culturally.

Option #1 – Checking for typos, grammatical errors, social and cultural pitfalls

In translation, proofreaders will focus on the target text in most cases without access to the source text, so as to allow them to focus exclusively on the sense and sensibility of the target text in the target language. The proofreader will also correct grammar problems and will check for typos and formatting errors.

Option #2 – Checking for content, accuracy and consistency

If the client requests it, the proofreader will not only check the translation to make sure it makes sense and doesn’t contain any typos and grammatical errors but will also check the translation against the original document to make sure the translated document is complete. The proofreader will verify that all the information contained in the original document has been translated, and that nothing has been added, altered, distorted, skipped or missed during the translation process.


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