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Transcription Services in ANY Language

Whether you have 1000 surveys with handwritten responses in French, Spanish, Russian or Chinese that need to be entered in an MS Word document or an audio recording in German that needs to be transcribed, we can help!

Our Transcriptionists

Our transcriptionists are carefully selected based both on their language skills and their familiarity with the subject matter at hand. They will transcribe your material, into the format of your choice, paying close attention to proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Coming from a variety of backgrounds and equipped with diverse skill sets, our transcriptionist may have previously served, for example, as secretaries, court reporters or pharmacists, uniquely qualified to decipher hieroglyphic style handwriting: This service covers, but is not limited to:

  • Surveys
  • Court Reportings
  • Recordings
  • Handwritten Materials
  • Medical Records
  • Legal Documents

Text-to-Text Translation

Option 1 – Transcription

We can transcribe (input) your handwritten, faxed or PDF files of foreign text into an MS Word file.

Option 2 – Text-to-Text Translation

We can directly translate your handwritten, faxed or PDF files of text and send you an MS Word file.

Spanish Transcription and Translation Services

Our biggest market is Spanish and we transcribe and translate millions of words per year from English into Spanish and Spanish into English.

Here are a couple of examples of the (less difficult) material our transcriptionists tend to be faced with on a regular basis:

Samples of Transcription

French Transcription

Les FernandsJe ne crois pas que tu m’eusses chargé de commission pour tes cousins, en tout cas je n’en ai pas fait ! mais je leur ai beaucoup parlé de toi. Comment vont tes leçons de chant? Maître Moreau était plutôt content de toi. En es-tu toujours au beau “papagayo” ou as-tu abordé une autre romance. Je me réjouis bien de constater tes progrès lorsque nous nous reverrons.
Chère soeur,Les habitudes voudraient que je te félicitasse du mariage de Germain. Je serai plus disposé puisque je connais bien le fiancé à le féliciter de l’excellente petite femme qu’il va avoir. Il fera bien des jaloux. Si les hommes ont du goût lui, en a eu.


To discuss your translation needs, give us a call at +1-312-217-2568 or use the free quote form in the sidebar to the left, or email us at info@eworldtranslations.com, or provide more detailed information on our contact form. You can also fax your documents to us at +1-312-803-2208.

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