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The term voice-over refers to a production technique where a non-diegetic voice is broadcast live or pre-recorded in radio, television, film, theater and/or presentation. The voice-over may be spoken by someone who also appears on-screen in other segments or it may be performed by a specialist voice actor. Voice-over is also commonly referred to as “off camera” commentary.

The term voice-over can also refer to the actual voice actor who performed the recording. The terms voice actor, narrator, voice artist, and announcer are all similarly used.

excerpted from Wikipedia

Let us help you to properly relay your message to other people and groups in the formats, media and languages of your choice by providing you with top of the line voice talent as well as multimedia services to bring your project to life anywhere in the world.

Our voice-over talent is carefully screened to assure proper enunciation in the desired language, and is available in a wide variety of vocal ranges, accents, dialects and countries of origin:



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