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To listen to a voice sample of the respective talent, click on their name and then on the player’s play button. Clicking the talent’s name once more will close the respective on-page player.

Castillian Spanish Voices

Click here if you are looking for Latin American Spanish
or here if you are looking for Neutral (US) Spanish voices.

Catalan Voices

Danish Voices

  • Ann | Female | DANEF03
  • David | Male | DANEM04
  • Jette | Female | DANEF01
  • Lars | Male | DANEM03
  • Peter | Male | DANEM02
  • Torben | Male | DANEM01

Dutch Voices

UK English Voices

Click here if you are looking for US English voices.

Finnish Voices

  • Elise | Female | FINEF03
  • Katja | Female | FINEF02
  • Pirjo | Female | FINEF01

French Voices

  • Justin | Male | FRNEM02
  • Lucie | Female | FREUF03
  • Marielle | Female | FRNEF02
  • Pette | Male | FRNEM01

Click here if you are looking for French Canadian voices.

German Voices

Greek Voices

Italian Voices

Norwegian Voices

Portuguese Voices

Click here if you are looking for Portuguese (Brazil) voices.

Swedish Voices


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